Thursday, March 20, 2008

Now Everyone Knows

For many years I thought I was one of only a few people who knew the "peace symbol" was assembled from the semaphore signals for N and D (nuclear disarmament). (OK, when Googling up a link for it, I see that Wikipedia, in its infinite wisdom, also knew this. Is there anything that is not in Wikipedia? [see note at end])

Now, thanks to a news story about the 50th Anniversary of its use in the British anti-nuclear movement, everyone knows (or could know this).

That might even include the maroons who still argue it is a broken cross or some sort of satanic symbol. (They can be excused if they can't count high enough to know the different between an upside-down pentangle and the peace symbol.)

When I could not remember the Ramanujan number (1729) and Google turned found it in Wikipedia with the entire back story, I knew the thing was pretty powerful. Heck, it even has the generalization known as the Taxicab number. An aside: I don't like calling it the Hardy-Ramanujan number because Hardy had no idea it was special. He just took a cab. IMHO, someone is giving the British fellow too much credit.

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