Monday, March 10, 2008

J Sidney McCain the Third

Rather than just get exercised along with Ariana Huffington over an alleged congressman trying to slander Obama while maintaining Rovish plausible deniability, why not just counterattack? Two can play that game.

If John Sidney McCain the Third's surrogates want to use a middle name to slander a Democratic candidate with the lame excuse that it is "Presidential", why don't they (and we) use the full name of their Republican candidate? Got something to hide? Sure looks like it. Sauce for the gander, it seems to me.

John Sidney McCain III doesn't sound quite like the common man touch they have cultivated with John "Johnny Be Good" McCain, does it?

And it shouldn't, given that he went to a private prep school according to his Wiki biography. Sort of like the the preppie W he wants to replace, that detail would not quite fit the persona he has adopted as a politician.

Come on, Ariana. Call "McCain" by his given name, J Sidney the Third, until he stands up for his fellow Senator.

She also missed a chance to point out that when Orrin Hatch ... claimed that the terrorists "are going to throw everything they can between now and the election to try and elect Kerry." he was actually describing what the terrorists did to keep their buddy "W" in charge. Every time an election (congressional or presidential) rolled around, they went out of their way to reduce terror attacks and even endorse the person they did not want running the war. They knew the media and the "W" voters would be suckers for that ploy.

But Huffington is on the mark about insisting that someone claiming to be a mainstream politician should speak about against the lunatic fringe of his own party.
Each time one of those jerks forgets what it used to mean to be a statesman, every Democrat should call John Sidney McCain III on that and insist that he stand up for his fellow Senator. Anything less would violate the oath he swore as a Naval officer.

One other suggestion, while I am on the subject:
There is enough of a gap between primaries that Senators Clinton and Obama should figure out a way to worship at each other's home churches in Illinois on Palm Sunday or Easter Sunday.

And along the way, O'Bama should join the Kennedys and other Irish Democrats in a St. Patricks Day parade. They ought to be able to make up some green O'Bama signs in time for that.

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