Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

You can't have Easter without the Peeps ...

Humorous Pictures

... but these Peeps need forgiveness more than most.

(See more time wasting nonsense at ICanHasCheezburger.)

There is no photo credit given, but the picture was probably among the submissions to the contest at the Washington Post (more about that below the fold) I saw featured on CBS Sunday Morning today, which also picked up the Peace Symbol story.

An old article in the Washington Post article (from 2007) includes a link to their Peep Show of last year's entrants. The article about the 2008 contest I tracked down might require registration, but it seems to link OK for me without logging in. It also has a photo gallery.

I should single out picture #18 for my brother. It comes from his all time favorite fun movie.

The story on CBS Sunday Morning says they picked the winner because of the detail work on the coffin of King Peep-ankh-amun, but I prefer #2 (Andy Warhol style Peep Art). Regular users of Teh Intarnets and what comes down its tubes from YouTube will recognize #5 (the Thriller video from Cebu in the Phillipines. Current events are reflected in #8, whose reenactment of Sen. Craig in Minneapolis is almost better than the one Keith Olberman did, while picture #16 was allegedly taken in 1932. Other pop culture icons (Spongebob at #26, Star Trek last at #37) also make an appearance.

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