Thursday, March 13, 2008

Earth as seen from Mars

There is a fantastic picture of Earth and its moon over on Astroprof's blog from 12 March. The picture was taken from Mars by the MRO. Go to his blog for details.

Also check out the picture of Enceladus and other info from the latest observations from Cassini, in a post from 11 March.

I find the picture from Mars extremely interesting, since it shows what an advanced civilization there (not to be confused with the one from Mars Attacks) would see with a high quality 19th century telescope. [Based on a wild guess at the aperture needed for sub 1 meter resolution (30 cm per pixel) from a low Mars orbit (200 km) and no atmosphere.] Earth would look very inviting.

On the other hand, Enceladus looks good for ice boating, winter rally events, and possibly ice fishing. The ongoing discoveries out there are amazing.

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I just realized that my first year of blogging had come and gone for a month before I realized it. This article was posted on March 13th, the first anniversary of this blog.