Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer ends as summer begins

Finished off my last grading until August rolls around. I love that I could finish up this summer class before Summer itself begins.

They did very well, but the best part of this class was that one of them may be alive because of what he learned in the class.

This is a class where one topic is momentum, and I put a lot of emphasis into the physics of collisions and how seat belts work to reduce the impact on your body by increasing the time it takes for your body to stop. He was wearing his seat belt when he was in a very high speed crash, and his comment to me suggested that he did not always wear it. His crash was bad enough that he was injured by the seatbelt. He thought that was a bad thing until I explained to him that those bruises and sprained ribs mean he experienced 40 to 50 G's, and that 80+ will kill most people. Not much margin there.

For the rest, the nice part was that my cheerleading worked. "Only positive waves, Moriarty". Everyone who took the final exam got at least a C, which is a lot more than some of them expected after the first exam!

And for those who track "grading music":

  • Temptations (greatest hits CD)
  • Beatles (excerpts from "Love")
  • excerpts from "Xauxa" by a Peruvian group, Kuyayky
  • Santana (greatest hits CD)
  • Beach Boys "Surfin Safari"

Had to end with a summer song!

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