Friday, June 29, 2007

Observing Middle America

One can see almost anything while driving across the country, but one thing I had trouble seeing these days is a "W" sticker. I only saw one sticker in two days on the Interstate. This is a major change in one year, particularly since the route I take goes by two major army installations.

This suggests that even the 25% who still support W are not so sure they want their neighbors to know that they do.

English Only irony continues:
I saw a "Yo Soy el Army" bumper sticker. Interesting that the Republican Presidential candidates are not exactly playing the 'support our troops' game on this one.

I also proved that a physicist can see physics problems anywhere. I saw a really nice "statics" problem in a cantilevered highway sign in Kentucky, which used a box truss rather than a pole for the vertical part. Perfect.

Forgot this one:
Indiana has a new specialty license plate. I have to wonder if they know it translates into Arabic as "We Trust in Allah".

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