Monday, June 25, 2007

Great Moments in Student Notes

Unlike some other bloggers, I have never written about notes sent by students - but the logic in this one is priceless.

Handwritten and left in my mailbox sometime after I last checked it, which was more than three hours after the final exam ended. That makes it after the course officially ended.

Although Student was technically "in my class", I doubt if most of the students in the class would have recognized Student. Student had been absent for the last three weeks of a six week class and had arrived late or been absent for about half of the first three weeks. Student did not take the final exam.

Student writes (editted excerpts only):

I gave up because I didn't think I could pass your class. .... If I fail this class, I won't be able to graduate.

Right. So why did you give up and guarantee that you wouldn't graduate?

For that matter, why didn't you try actually taking the class: Attending every day on time, reading the book before class, and doing the homework? You know, act like a student? After a week or so of that, you might find out that you could pass the class. (If you read my earlier comment on the end/start of summer, you would know that everyone who took the final exam passed that class. Getting 90+ % on the HW was a big part of that for most of them.)

But I am not complaining, just venting to entertain my few readers.

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