Monday, June 25, 2007

Rated G?

Rated G

No contest with profgrrrrl's PG, Dr. Crazy's R, or Jennifer's NC-17 over at Cocktail Party Physics.

I guess pointing out random obscene political activities does not register on their counter. Pretty unsophisticated program, but what do you expect?

OK, I did not expect it would give No Quarter an NC-17 because Larry uses the word "torture" 11 times and (are you ready for this?) Dick (as in Dick Cheney) 10 times!

ROTFLMAO. [I wonder if the program knows what that means? And if this article will raise my rating to a PG?] I guess kids can't be allowed to watch the evening news this year.

But the really funny aspect of this is the following:
You would never guess that I have a softball team shirt with the initials of Dung Tongue The Great on it.

Do I still need to include that when I reply to Rebecca's tag? If I need it.

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