Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ready to Roll

In some sense I've been back to work for more than a week, since the major tasks I had to complete before the start of the semester required some of the days after Christmas while I was up in the Great White North spending the holiday with my brother and his family. That got done Friday, so everything I and another professor need when classes start on Monday is in place. I think.

Best of all, all the paperwork is done: I have all of the copies of the syllabus and other handouts for the classes I teach and the labs I oversee sitting in nice neat stacks in my office. That got done back around the 20th. Thank goodness for little miracles.

I think I am finally mastering the planning part of this job.

Now all I need to do on Sunday is clean up some of the debris left from the fall, shake this silly cold/laryngitis thing I got for Christmas from a niece, and remember what it is I need to teach on Monday. It will be fun to see the returnees for the second semester, and see what Santa brings me for the first semester class.

More on that in the next blog entry. Not all the news is good.

Got a good start on the cleanup process at home, filing all of the class-specific notes and making neat piles of what can be be recycled and what has to be shredded. Nothing like some NFL wildcard games to deaden the mind for this sort of work. What I don't look forward to is the mess in my office. Its not as bad as it was last May, but it is getting there.

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