Monday, January 7, 2008

Will this be a good semester?

I hate to be overly optimistic and then get let down, but the semester has gotten off to a good start. I log into my course management system (the anti-Bb, if you must know) to check enrollment updates and see that all was in order. And do my versions of the problems to be sure they all have the right answer.

What do I see?

One of my Physics 1 students had done the first homework set before the class had even met! That is initiative. Santa put a real serious student in my stocking.

And two of my Physics 2 students had also hacked through the first few problems in their first assignment! !! Even more impressive because one of those students was never known for doing his homework early. New Year's resolution, maybe?

They simply thought to log in and see if I had anything for them to do. Awesome. Now I have to be sure to live up to my part of the bargain tomorrow.


Unbalanced Reaction said...

Wow. I'm truly impressed.

Why didn't Santa send me some of those students? I was (semi)good this year....

Is antiBB better than BB? I keep getting a lot of interview questions about Blackboard, etc.

Doctor Pion said...

If your pseud means you are in chemistry, drop me a g-mail (see the e-me button) and I will explain its unique advantages. It is used by quite a few people in physics and chemistry (100% adoption in our regular and organic chem classes, for example).