Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Clean up on Aisle Four!

Another year, another disaster area to deal with. And this doesn't even show the semi-organized piles on the left where each class has its own stack of books and notes ready to be grabbed for class. Most of what you see is the detritus of committees, books being reviewed for adoption next year, and campus junk mail from the last few weeks of the semester ... and one for the first week of Fall!

Yeah, you read that right. Our Provost sent out a memo detailing the schedule for our first week back in August. Time to get my Fall syllabus ready!


~profgrrrrl~ said...

Hooray! That desk makes mine look neat!

But thinking about Fall already? Ugh!

Doctor Pion said...

That would make any desk look neat, except the one at home.

As for the Fall syllabus, I am also looking at Spring as well! !! I have a huge job in front of me to switch to a new textbook (one in fall, the other in spring) and I have four months to work on it. As an inveterate procrastinator, I have finally learned how to run that marathon: get a head start.

The Thomas said...

As dear Dr Pion knows, this is nothing compared to my desk at work.

It features talus slopes of papers that I can measure down and pick out the peculiar item requested.

I mentored with a master.

Doctor Pion said...

If you haven't been written up by the fire marshall, as some current colleagues have been, it does not count. One proudly put the letter on his door!

I also knew one guy whose office consisted of a narrow trail down the valley between journals and papers piled up along the walls at the natural angle of repose. I might even have a picture of that one.