Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who would have predicted this?

Hamas has arrested three members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades for firing rockets into Israel, in violation of the latest truce. (BBC story) Granted, it is quite likely a power play by Hamas against its weaker rival, but what if Israel pretends to take them seriously and doesn't retaliate by closing the border?

Almost a sign of the end times, like Jesse Jackson getting a smack down by both Obama and his own son. (My comment to the commentariat is that the young black women I know at my CC, some quite poor, would not mind a little responsibility on the part of the men in their lives. They need to get out more.) By the way, the detail missing in all of the stories is, "what was the other guy thinking?". He was smiling at the "talk down" line (which was Jesse calling Obama "uppity"), but seemed to recoil after the famous remark with an "mmm mmm mmm" and was biting his lip after whatever Fox snipped out.

Elsewhere, the BBC wins the Juxtaposition Award for stacking "Bush approves surveillance bill" right before "US seeks to calm investor fears" in its RSS feed.

And when you are on this side of the pond, a topic like "Georgia recalls Moscow ambassador" forces you to think twice. Russia has an ambassador in Atlanta?

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