Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Quickee Links

A couple of links from the BBC News feed that deserve reading.

Science explains brain fade! A study out of Ye Olde Homie Town of Bergen has found evidence that dull jobs numb the mind and detected a brain signature that indicates when you are likely to make a mistake by going on autopilot.

In typical British understatement, the BBC seems to be trying to find a way to tell India that Cricket is not supposed to be fun. It would seem that professional cricket in India is using American football as its model, right down to importing American cheerleaders and wearing stupid headgear in the stands, while adding its own Bollywood version of a Superbowl halftime show.

I was laughing at "The result is very few are actually watching the game at all." because my major professor made it pretty clear that he viewed cricket as an excuse to drink Gordon's gin.

Number two on the list of "top north west wales stories" was about some guy who dressed up as Darth Vader by pulling on a black trash bag and assaulted two members of the Jedi Church. That he had consumed most of a 10 L box of wine (that would be over two gallons!) might have been relevant.

Finally, and old technology story describes a video game controller that interfaces directly to the brain. Can't beat that for vegging out.

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