Sunday, April 20, 2008

Belated First Blogiversary

This blog started a year ago on March 13, but that detail completely slipped my mind in the hectic end of the semester.

And this one has been more hectic than most. At least that leaves a full plate of pent-up topics to write about.

I really need to blog about a few things in the next few months, during the quieter time of early summer. If the past year is any indication, the mania that carries over from the pace of spring makes it easy to blog while only teaching the single class I choose to teach in summer while preparing for next year. What is on the agenda?

  • A year on the biggest college governance committee. I can't touch the biggest item with a 10-foot pseudonym, interesting as it is, but there are some committee management and snark topics that need discussion. (done and done)
  • I am long overdue on wrapping up the "jobs" series I started last summer.
  • Some recent nice articles on tenure-track info mean I need to update one of the ones I completed last year.
  • I also learned some things that our new faculty never picked up in the mentoring system we have, so I should blog that. (done)
  • There are some teaching items in draft form about labs (done and done) , and one other about teaching students to work hard.

I really need to fix in my mind the simple detail that the blog started just before pi day, now renamed "talk like a physicist day" by some science bloggers. That should be easy ....


~profgrrrrl~ said...

Happy blogiversary! I'd be curious to hear about the mentoring program.

Doctor Pion said...

What you really want to hear about is what happened this morning involving an irresponsible adjunct and final exams, but I don't think I can blog about it. I would need a class in creative writing to pseud this story!