Thursday, May 3, 2007

Who lost the Republican debate?


You put up a half dozen candidates whose total name recognition hovers under 1% and you don't put names under their faces? What a joke, and what a ripoff for those poor guys. It was bad enough in the Democratic debate (where 3, maybe 4, of the 8 are well known), but this was surreal at times.

Who the heck was saying what? Guy in dark suit and red tie with a modest $200 Republican hairstyle says something stupid and Guy in darker suit and different red tie and nice haircut says something interesting, but who was he? I mean, I follow national news and politics a lot, but I don't recognize most of the minor candidates on sight. (I'll bet some of them wouldn't be recognized outside of their own congressional district, if there.) You had to be taking notes when each question was introduced to have any idea who was talking.

And who raised their hand to say that they were Creationists? Why ask if we can't identify who answered? It looked like an SNL parody of a debate.

[Update: It appears they were Brownback, Huckabee, and Tancredo. I was pretty sure of one, because he was on the near end in the shot, but the others come from a variety of web news sources. I continue to give NBC and MSNBC low marks because I heard Chris Matthews mention the creationist head count and again fail to give the names. Was he even watching as he moderated the debate?]

I was unimpressed with how many of them have would fight for the right to life of a brain-dead woman but would rather see a conscious woman die than perform an first trimester abortion on her. Logical consistency was not a strong point once you got past that guy Dr. Paul. I must hand it to him for saying he opposed federal funding of stem cell research because he opposed all federal funding of anything so he could get rid of the income tax.


Anonymous said...

If you don't even know the names of each canidate, then why in the hell do think your oppinion matters? If you want to have an oppinion, maybe you should study up a little first so you can sound just a little more intelligent.

Doctor Pion said...

Oh, I knew the names of all of the candidates, I just didn't know which faces went with which names. And how would I have ever seen a Congressman who only represents people who live thousands of miles from me?

Trust me, Anonymous, I was better informed about the candidates for the Republican nomination one year ago than 99% of Republican voters outside of Iowa or New Hampshire were at that time - and I am not even a registered Republican!

Poor media coverage doomed some of them. The media coverate assumes everyone knows every one of them personally, on sight, because Chris Matthews knows them personally. Bad assumption.