Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter prep time

Unbalanced Reaction posted an interesting thought about when to refocus on work over the holidays -- on the 28th of December. I left a quick, off-the-cuff, answer that I work on Wednesday (which happened to be the 22nd and 29th this year), but that was before I settled down to work today and started noticing the time stamps on various files that needed attention.

You guessed it: Lots of them were dated around the 28th, regardless of the day of the week over the past five years or so! Fascinating.

There were quite a few others dated around the 20th (circa the Winter Solstice as I mentioned in my comment). Those were usually the syllabus, which I got done quite a bit earlier this semester that in the past. In fact, I noticed that I was about a week early on quite a few things this year, things that would normally get done after Christmas around the 28th.

I never noticed that work pattern until you brought it up, UR. Great insight. We both work in that natural gap between Christmas and New Years (what feels like a Wednesday), although I clearly also like to work about 5 days before Christmas.

So, no, Unbalanced Reaction, I'm not generally the model of efficiency, but this year has been an unusually good one for keeping focus on priorities by doing them as soon as I could rather than when they absolutely had to get done. I don't know if I was more stunned that I thought of working on the massive revision of my teaching plan while proctoring, or that I actually did it.

Well, I worked on work things, at least. Christmas lights didn't get put up nearly as soon as they should have.

And blogging. You should see the queue of semi-written articles. I think they will all get finished up tomorrow, but at least this one is going out only a day late.

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