Thursday, July 8, 2010

OMG - It's July!

I had planned to post this a week ago (obviously), so by now Dr. Crazy has beaten me to the punch. Yes, it is that time of year, the time when you realize that next month is August! The month when classes begin. Lest we forget, the month when meetings begin! The month when there will be a number of things on the table (figuratively and literally) that you know you could have done, oh, in July. Or June.

As an inveterate procrastinator, I have used false deadlines for ages. In this case, I am now pretending we are approaching mid August rather than mid July. Those things that need to be printed for the first few labs, the ones that don't even need to have a date changed? They are going to get done this month. After all, my classes are all full (and one is overflowing) so I know what the number count is likely to be and any leftovers can be used next semester.

Syllabus for fall? Almost done, apart from one tweak and final check of the calendar and exam schedule. Syllabus for the spring? Next on my list. (Winter break is always too short.) Busy work I know I will need to do during the semester? I actually got the template updated so I only have to work on the worst part of it during the next month along with one task I have simply avoided doing for, oh, about two years.

And I plan to clean my office. Next week.


plam said...

Sounds related to structured procrastination!

Me, I'm taking a few days to do other things (like writing JavaScript code) before getting back to writing papers.

The Thomas said...

Speaking of cleaning offices ... I moved mine a month or so ago after being in the same place for 8-10 years.

I found 2 cu yards of "stuff" that I don't feel obligated supporting any more. Everything fit into the filing cabinet and I had a clean desk for a couple weeks.

WV: gravi (complete gravy)

Doctor Pion said...

Did you get a window?

A colleague found it easy to move because there were two boxes in the office that had not been unpacked during the 7 years in that location.

The Thomas said...

No, I left the windowed area (which also included a LOUD meeting area). Said meeting area was nice when I had to overflow my desk to get work done, but now there are too many meetings and it got distracting (kind of like the glare from the sun rise on my monitor).

I'm back to where I have to stand up to see if it is raining outside.