Friday, July 3, 2009

This Beer's for YOU!

Check out this article featuring a NK beer ad. There sure isn't much in the way of competition for the quality advertising work like this!

However, it does remind me of some lame ads from the early days of American TV. Is that a North Korean version of this old Hamm's Beer ad? Contrast the fake "injun" music with what I assume is standard national fare in NK, but the biggest difference is that you weren't allowed to show anyone actually drinking beer back in those days in the US. Later they pushed the envelope by showing a full glass and then one half empty, before that rule was lifted entirely.

NK happily shows drinking, but has its own ban on showing women as consumers. Talk about patriarchy!

But what I really love about that ad is the short bit of socialist realist art showing a sweaty worker downing a cold one. Doesn't last long in the ad, but to their credit, the BBC features it on the freeze frame.

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