Sunday, June 28, 2009

Third time is the charm

We got a chance to see Star Trek in IMAX this weekend, and took it.

This third viewing (others were normal format and digital) allowed my wife to confirm her belief that Scotty had a pet Tribble on Delta Vega.

Primary observation:
Sound quality was superior to the otherwise outstanding theaters we saw it in originally. This might be due to the fact that there are few seats in an IMAX theater that are not centrally located, but the multi-channel separation was outstanding - particularly for the phaser battle on the Romulan ship. It was also easy to hear other details, such as Pike giving a battle order to Engineer Olson or (most important to fans) Bones giving an order to Nurse Chapel.

Related observation:
Film quality was similar to the digital version we saw, possibly a bit inferior at times - although it is possible our location relative to the screen and the size of the image allowed us to see flaws in the film making itself (inconsistent focus).

Other details include confirming that the Star Fleet Academy building was the library at CSUN, doing all we could to avoid saying too much about "beer factory" so we wouldn't annoy the people around us (shooting in an AB Brewery was confirmed at the second viewing), and that they definitely were using short wave antennas on the bridge of the Kelvin.

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