Friday, April 17, 2009

And now for something else from the brits...

How can a great article about the number of calories consumed in alcoholic beverages go from informative to sublime?

Easy. Look at the first comparison in the calorie count table: a pint of hard cider (200 calories) is equal to "beans on toast".

Beans on toast?

A "pint of bitter" (190 calories) being equal to a great looking donut, yes. This connects well on both sides of the pond. Although most American 'beer' drinkers wouldn't recognize something stronger than water as a beverage, we all like donuts. That one even looks like it came from Krispy Kreme.

But ... Beans on Toast? Either they have a twisted sense of humor or Britain needs a better cook book.


Rebecca said...

Having lived there for a year, I can attest to the fact that British cuisine is pretty darn nasty. Beans on toast may actually be one of their best entrees. My advice is to go to restaurants featuring the cuisine of one of the other countries in the Commonwealth (e.g. India) while in the U.K.

Ewan said...

As a now US-resident Brit, I feel the need to defend beans on toast here :-). It really is delicious, not terribly unhealthy, quick, cheap... but you need British beans in tomato sauce to make it work. The abomination that is US baked beans :-P would be a travesty.