Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Career Paths

There is a new Scientae Carnival about Career Paths that I want to promote in conjunction with the series of articles I started last year about the academic job market. You don't have to be a female academic to learn a lot from what has been collected there!

For example, the article by Twice Tenured, although mainly about her career trajectory, also illustrated the differences between two major types of institutions, the very visible SLACs and the seemingly invisible mid-tier Directional State Universities (such as Compass Heading U) that lack PhD programs.

One comment there was similar to one that showed up in part 3 of my series, where I blathered on about the types of academic jobs as a lead-in to a discussion of how to prepare to get and keep one of them.


flickamawa said...

I'm glad you found the carnival informative. I'm a new visitor to your blog, and I'm wondering how I find the posts about the academic job market that you mentioned?

Doctor Pion said...

Click on the "jobs" label.

I've tried to keep that limited to articles about the job market and tenure, while using "academic life" to tag ones more generally about academia. (I need to go back and re-tag some older articles that also belong in that category.)

However, you can also track through them from the link to Part 3 that is in this article. I built in forward and back links to the parts that have been written in that series. Other parts, such as an update on getting tenure and Part 5 on job hunting at a CC, should be on tap for this summer.