Monday, July 9, 2007

Xanax and Politician's Kids

What is it about being the 24 year old child of a politician and getting caught with Xanax? First Noelle Bush, now Al Gore III.

You can be excused for not knowing about the connection, because the media rarely remember what was in that newspaper it sent to the recycling bin a few years ago. That is what I am here for. Besides, the bit about speeding in a Prius seems to have drawn their attention away from prescription drug abuse.

Of course, its not like my old buddy the Drug Czar wants to go ballistic on prescription drugs, or even meth. He is still fighting the Evil Weed of his Youth rather than the current menace of suburbia.

For those who don't remember, Noelle Bush, daughter of Jeb! Bush, was arrested for prescription fraud while trying to get some Xanax. This was in 2002, when she was 24. Oddly enough, Al III was also 24 when he was found to have quite a mix of drugs in his possession when stopped for speeding. Those two should put politics aside and hang out together. They probably have a lot in common, growing up in high-stress political families.

No guess as to how this will affect my fantasy politics 2008 ticket of Gore/Clinton and Cheney/Bush. Probably not at all, since all four of those have enough glass windows to be cautious about throwing stones.

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