Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Time to get this started!

Nothing like a new blog to generate writer's block, followed closely by all sorts of minor work-related tasks that had to be done yesterday.

My main thought was to start by talking about taking a path through life similar to a good racing line: Don't take the most direct route into the next corner; rather, take the quicker line that has a "late apex" ... where you turn in a bit later but come out of the turn faster. The problem is, most of you probably use the brakes at the end of a turn (because your direct route forces you to tighten up the turn at the end) rather than at the beginning, so you won't even see the analogy.

The trick is that this works best only when you are alone on the track. Driving like this will open up the inside line to another racer, who can then force you outside. Same thing in life, where someone else can make a move before you are ready to do it "just right", and take something (job, scholarship, girl friend) that might have been yours if you had gone for it. But that person could wreck, or go wide, leaving the quick line open for you at the next turn. Never live your life looking in the rear view mirror. Live it so you are ready for the next bend in the road that comes your way.

That bit of philosophy ought to last me a year or two.

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